Break Your Own Heart

by Jack Carty

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"An album of confession and honesty but also humour and the sublime - ★★★★"


“Sensational sophomore album…It marks him as a man to watch - ★★★★"



released April 27, 2012

Produced by Gareth Stuckey & Jack Carty with additional production by Stefan Johnson. Recorded and engineered by Gareth Stuckey at GPHQ Studio's Surry Hills, NSW Australia in December 2011 and January 2012 with additional recording by Steffan Johnson and Ben Richards. Mastered by Rick O'Niel @ Turtlerock Mastering. Original Artwork by Jack Carty. Manufactured and distributed exclusively in Australia by Inertia Pty LTD. (C) Jack Carty (P) GIgpiglet Recordings.



all rights reserved


Jack Carty Sydney, Australia

Award-winning, independent Australian songwriter.

"The recently married Carty might well have found his happy place" ★★★★ — THE SUNDAY STAR TIMES.

“These songs have almost a purity of spirit and certainly an openness of heart. You should own this" ★★★★ — THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD.

“A sensational sophomore album. It marks him as a man to watch" ★★★★ — THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN.
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Track Name: The Length of Canada
The Length Of Canada

A shiny white ocean from above as the crow flies in

And from my boat I’ve seen

Footprints in snowdrifts & blue eyes on Queen St.

I’ll think of your when I’m cold

With a warmth you’ll never know.

My green eyes looking south

Can feel California sending its warmth out

While continents and sea

Separate her from me.

Reading your face like a library book

An old familiar friend

That I can’t hold on to

For long enough to read through till the end

Wherever I go there’s someone to pine for as I sail around the world

So I’ll make a home

In the memory of you


The greatest view I’ve seen

A snowy complexion with eyes an ocean deep.

And blue eyes

You’ll never know.
Track Name: Too Many Things In Too Many Places
I want too many things in too many places

I want a comfortable home that I’m always away from

I want the Williamsburg Bridge

I want the tower of London

I just want to come home but there’s so much to run from.

And every time I’m hangin’ on the end of your phone line

I think of all the fun we had and smile.

I wear your love ‘round my neck and your heart on my sleeve

But I wont take you down with me.

I want people to know me

I just want to be lonely

I want to play this guitar ’till the day my heart fails me

I want the valley I came from

I want the mountains of Germany

I want Canadian winter

I want you there to warm me.

And every time I’m flying into Sydney at night

I think about your pretty face and smile.

I want my friends ‘round the world to be happy and healthy

I want my tambourine heart to stop shaking inside me

I want a kelpy named “Colin”

I want a twelve year old whiskey

And I want you to remember that I’ll love you eternally.
Track Name: Everything, Unhappily
Unwashed hair and a nose-ring staring back at me

A portrait of the Melbourne indie hipster scene

I wanna take you home and play you Elliott Smith songs.

Annabelle unhappily.

You’re dancing as you speak but you don’t realize it

You told me you just started smokin’ cigarettes

So I’m like “yeah, I smoke them too” so I can go outside with you.

Everything unhappily.

The bar light halo’s ‘round your head

So I tell you “you look holy, like the holes in your cardigan”.

You told me ’bout the boy who left and let you down

I try to think of ways to justify another round

Because I want to work you out and turn your shitty luck around.

And the best part is you’re dancing as you speak.
Track Name: Travelling Shoes
Well I met mother nature’s daughter

She turned my wine back into water

And she lived with me in Sydney NSW

And from our home I started straying

First from cities into farmland

And then from Perth up to Toronto on a plane.

Singing all the way.

I do wear travelling shoes

I’ve worn them all my days

Though we’re leaving in the morning

I want you to want me to stay.

And when the distance tore to pieces

All the ribbons that had bound us

I started drinking like tomorrow wouldn’t come

And she tried her best to reach me

She cried at me down the phone line

So I found other girls and smoke to make me numb

Oh what drives me to run?

Ten thousand miles in only twenty four hours

And a book ‘bout the games that we play

Back home she’s sleeping

Weaving herself into some other guys brain.

Well I heard she bought a ticket

And she’s heading off to Europe

And I’m still drinking like a mick on paddy’s day

Wishing I had only answered

When she was calling out to find me

And I’d walk her to the alter and I’d say.

“I do Mrs. Travelling Shoes”

“I’ll love you all my days”

“Though we’re leaving in the morning”

“Every morning after”

“We’ll wake up in exactly the same place”.

Because home is where the heart is

And I want you to want me to stay.
Track Name: A Point On A Map
I drew a point on a map

You drew a line in the sand

So I went on down to Darby St

And I played my guitar with the case open at my feet.

I put up a sign, said “I’m tryin’ to get somewhere to do somethin’ I’ve gotta do”

And I bought myself a ticket from point me to point you.

You look a lot like before

You dress a bit brighter and maybe you’re a little bit taller

I’m not at all like I was

I feel like I’ve become a rambling pile of dust.

And your tears make me muddy

But at least then I don’t blow away

So I boarded my flight on a cold Monday night and went back from whence I came.

There’s nowhere on earth left to hide

So I’ll keep on searching for new places inside my mind

Long are the days and dark are the nights

I’ve got to stop drinking and do something more with my time.

And I told you I’m sorry

But that don’t mean that you’ll forgive me.

So I keep on building that long road from point A to point B

I keep on building that long road and I hope that you will see

I keep on building that long road from point A to point B

I keep on building that long road from point you to point me.
Track Name: She Loves Me
She loves me

And I don’t know what for

She loves me

And I don’t deserve it at all

Driving ‘round at night time

Screaming at the stars.

Finding out without you standing close

I don’t know the first thing about home

I’m fighting with my hands tied

My hands tied

Let me go.

Forgive me

Though I ask for too much dear

I’m sorry

And it comes too late again

All the money has run out

What a lesson learned.
Track Name: A Master Of All Things
When the lamps on your street start to dim

When the hems of your clothes start to fray

If you question the values of men

I’ll be ready and not far away.

If it takes nimble fingers to untangle your strings

Or steady gentle brush strokes to fill your spaces in

I’ll practice everyday until I’m master of all things.

If you’re feeling lost and lonely

Like the day just cannot be won

If the sun has set too early

I’ll build a mighty torch and follow you till dawn.

I don’t think I believe in heaven

Or a being to pray to and fear

But we fit like the sea to the shoreline

So there must be a something somewhere.
Track Name: Waiting, Waiting!
I met my girl at the end of the world

But she don’t call me “babe” anymore

She don’t hold out her hand for me.

We spoke on the phone

I spent my nights alone

And she got an apartment in town

But I’m not welcome ‘round there no more.

Waiting, waiting for the call

With my suitcase packed and my guitar by the door

But it looks like she’s moving on.

Well, I rolled into town to see who was around

But everyone’s cooped up at home

And I don’t even have one.

So I called up my friend and we both pretend that I haven’t been gone for too long

And I’m drinking alone again.

Waiting, waiting for the call

And the spinning starts when my feet hit the floor

My friends are moving on.

I’m a singer of songs and a right-er of wrongs and I fight for the things that I have

But I know you don’t see it

Maybe someday things will all go my way and I wont be so broke and so sad

I wish I believed it.

Waiting, waiting for the call

I’ll be singing my songs till my throat is stripped and raw

But you wont see me moving on

This is where I belong.
Track Name: Break Your Own Heart
We are ships


Lifeboats sent

To save

You’re more like an iceberg

Hide beneath the waves.

So long

You’ve wanted to be alone.

I’m a storm cloud overhead

Pouring constant rain

Watching your umbrella

Cross this harsh terrain.

So long

If you want to be alone.

Like a mountain standing

I won’t count the years

Break your own heart darling

And time wont mean a thing.

How long

Do you want to be alone?
Track Name: She's Got A Boyfriend
She’s got a boyfriend

He’s got a rooftop in the city

He wears multicoloured singlets

He’s got a moustache and he’s funny

She’s got a boyfriend

And he plays in a synth-pop band

He bought a car with family money

He’s got a closet full of kaftans.

I’ve got a fever that wont let me go

I’ve got bad habits and a broken radio

I’ve got a million different things i wanna let you know.

She’s got a boyfriend

He cuts the sleeves off all his T-shirts

He’s got a bathtub in his bedroom

And he’s so pretty that it hurts.

I’ve got a fever that wont let me be

I’ve got neurosis and I’ve got anxiety

I write down every single thought that comes out of me.

She’s got a boyfriend

And he doesn’t need saving

He doesn’t lie away at night time

Thinking the sky is gonna cave in.

He sleeps up in the belfry

But he don’t want her as much as me

I know because I’ve got the scars to show it.

I’ve got a ticket I don’t wanna use

I’ve got a half full double bed and a burnt out fuse

And I really wanna sleep for a week or two

Because she’s got a boyfriend.
Track Name: Giveth & Taketh Away
You picked up your pieces and started moving on

As I begun to realize the scope of what I’d done

And I wept all afternoon

I just wanted to fly home.

You’re lying through your teeth and you forget that I can tell

Believing you is the difference between heaven and hell

And I still call out your name

Across canyons coasts and planes.

Talk to me of love and liberty

Give me strength to make it through my day

Be the one I’m always trying for

Giveth and taketh away.

I used to love this place but now I hate it with a fire

And every moment here reminds me what I’m pining for

So I’m disappearing soon

And you won’t catch me.

I hope that you get happy

I hope that happens soon

I hope you don’t forget me when you’re new love starts to bloom

I could never forget you

Even if i wanted too

Oh God what have I done?

Be The only one worth dying for

Giveth and taketh away.
Track Name: I Hope You'll Come Around
And so it starts

The panic in my heart

Because you can’t find

A reason to be mine.

And I’ll wait all year

But I don’t have to like it

You say I’m on your mind

Yeah right.

I used to know

How to have a conversation

But now I hide

Avoid other peoples eyes.

I’ll wait all year

While you figure out your feelings

It’s all my fault after all.

Falling out.

You’ll stay down south

With your new friends and your brother

And build your little world

I’ll write my songs

And hope to find me something

That’s half as good as we were.

And I’ll wait all year

But I don’t have to like it

I hope you’ll come around.